What Is ASEA?

ASEA is the only patented product in the world that provides your body with Redox Signaling molecules, the native molecules essential to your cells’ ability to protect, repair, and replace themselves. ASEA is that it is ‘NATIVE’ to the body…. It is NOT Natural!   It is not a food or herb…. it is what is made in the body already….absolutely no toxcitity or interactions with medications…




Essential to health. In the normal course of metabolism, your cells produce a balanced set of reactive molecules once thought to be nothing more than by-products. In the last decade, scientists have discovered that these molecules—Redox Signaling molecules—are actually essential to cell protection, damage control communications, antioxidant activation, and the healing process. Only two sources. Your body is an amazing machine, capable of renewing itself and restoring health. Redox Signaling molecules play a crucial role in this extraordinary process. Your body makes a supply of these molecules every day, but this ability decreases with age. If you want a supply of Redox Signaling molecules from outside the body, there is only one place in the world to get it: ASEA.


ASEA = Redox Signaling = ASEA


Redox Signaling molecules are a key component in human health, so much so that living cells naturally produce them. In the entire world, there are only two sources of Redox Signaling molecules: the human body and ASEA.

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