Breakthroughs come just when we need them. But it’s not a coincidence. Life’s greatest opportunities are born of need. That need prompts a breakthrough, and the breakthrough provides an opportunity. ASEA is the first and only nutritional supplement of its kind; the only one with Redox Signaling molecules.

First to market. ASEA is unchallenged as the only supplement with Redox Signaling molecules, which means it is undisputed as first to market. In fact, our process for producing Redox Signaling molecules is so scientifically sound and so patent-protected, that we can even say ASEA stands alone in the marketplace. It’s the only product in existence with Redox Signaling molecules, a scientific breakthrough that means ASEA is an undeniably unique business opportunity.

Cutting Edge. New Blade. To say that ASEA is cutting edge doesn’t tell the whole story. The edge we’re referring to has never existed before; ASEA created a new edge. It’s a completely new concept, in a category all its own. ASEA is not just more nutritious or more well rounded. It’s a scientific breakthrough that addresses human health from its own angle: Redox Signaling molecules. Boosting the body’s ability to heal itself. ASEA offers an advantage that no other supplement can. Not just cutting edge. It’s a whole new edge.

The Un-Juice. In the world of nutritional supplements, the “juice wars” dominate the scene. “My juice is better than your juice.” It’s a tired, exhausting, and unproductive battle. But amid the skirmishes and dust-ups, ASEA rises above the fray. ASEA is not a juice; it is a scientifically proven source of native Redox Signaling molecules. So when it comes to juices, there is literally no comparison. Isn’t that refreshing?

High science, made easy. ASEA takes an intricate scientific process and makes it comfortable for the average person. It doesn’t matter that the science behind Redox Signaling is so complex that it took years of research to develop. The science might be hard, but the concept is simple: drink ASEA, activate antioxidants, and live healthier.



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